Nick's self-designed recording and mixing studio in Altadena, CA, is capable of recording anything from fully amplified rock groups to classical ensembles, with total isolation. 


  • Silent HVAC system 
  • Private bathroom


  • 300 square feet
  • Adjustable baffling switches room from a mixing configuration to a tracking configuration
  • Fully isolated room-within-a-room construction — floating floor, ceiling & walls are completely decoupled from the exterior structure
  • Pleasant but neutral acoustics that are tunable to the needs of the session
  • Can fit 5-8 orchestral musicians comfortably 
  • Live room is excellent for vocals that need a bit of space (ISO is great for dry, focused vocals)

ISO booth

  • 80 square feet
  • ISO becomes control room for acoustic tracking
  • Loud pop/rock tracking usually has the engineer in-room with musicians & amps isolated in ISO
  • Appropriate for voiceover work
  • Wired for HDMI/Cat5/Fiber should talent need to follow on their own monitors


  • Protools 
  • Additional gear is available to rent - see gear list
  • Mixing configuration is designed for stereo mixing but 5.0 & 5.1 configurations can be setup with advance notice