Studio Design

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Studio Design

From humble home studio designs to large commercial facilities Nick Tipp is prepared to help with your studio design needs. His team of audio professionals can realize your vision or give you the best studio that fits your budget.

Mobile Studio

Whatever record you want to make, in whatever environment you choose, Nick can bring the studio, most of the time without needing to rent any additional gear (unless you want to record 48 tracks to 2″ magnetic tape with full isolation for a band of 23 musicians on a mountaintop without access to electricity – that would require some rentals).

Bedrock LA

Located in Echo Park CA, Bedrock is Nick’s most recent studio partnership. Bedrock’s greater business model includes fully equipped rehearsal rooms, monthly lockouts for bands/artists/recording engineers/music producers, music related retail sales, musical equipment repair, instrument repair and setups, and a pinball arcade.

This facility holds the 5.1 mixing room that Nick uses for surround sound mixes. It also includes an ADR facility, and large-scale tracking facilities designed by Nick.