production, engineering, Mixing, mastering


How do you want to make your record? Who do you want to work with? What do you want it to cost? A record producer guides your project through the creative/scheduling/financial process. Nick combines all elements: musicians, studios, rehearsals, arrangements, song selection, recording, mixing, mastering, to create the final product: an album, vinyl, single, EP.


The Engineer’s job is to capture sound in a way that is as true to the sound source as possible while also guiding the artist to sounds that support the music.
Nick is an engineer without a specific genre. He has recorded everything from Classical music to Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Folk, Bluegrass, Metal, Jazz, Reggae, Ska, Concert Band, Indie Rock, and Electronic Dance music. His approach as an engineer is to accurately capture the sounds musicians create in space, with textures that will properly accentuate each element of the song.


What do you want your record to sound like? Even more than the recording process, mixing is an art form. Talk to your mixer about their vision for each song. The mix is where the record actually takes shape. It should take at least twice as long as the recording process. Mixes need to be honed over time as a collaborative process between the artist and the mix engineer. Nick creates many additional textures of reverb, effects, and distortion to realize his vision for each song. Modern mixing should be a hybrid of analog and digital systems. Being able to easily and quickly recall mixes is critical because every artist should be able to make tiny revisions and changes to perfect an already finished mix.


Mastering is a critical part of the record-making process that should not be skipped. Simply it is another set of highly trained ears listening critically to the final product and compensating for any deficiencies. A true mastering engineer should not have their own sonic signature, just as a perfect mix should come back from mastering sounding exactly the same, except louder. Nick works with a number of mastering engineers and can recommend someone based on the project’s genre, release deadline, and budget. Nick can also function as a mastering engineer though not on mixes he has made himself – that would not be ethically sound.