Location Recording

concert recording, video, mobile

Concert Recording/Live Broadcast

Do you want your concert recorded simply as a document of the event or as a full multi-track with the possibility of releasing a meticulously crafted audio or video product? Do you want to broadcast your event on the web, television, or radio?
Nick Tipp has recorded over 400 live concerts. Everything from the LA Opera, to the Decemberists; Bluegrass, to Jazz, to Raves. Wether it is a loud rock show or an acoustic ensemble Nick and his team can give you whatever audio/visual product or broadcast you are looking for. Our sonics are impeccable and our visuals are gorgeous and captivating.

Video Shoots/Interviews

Do you just need sound? Or do you need the whole crew and a production company to make it all happen? Nick Tipp can provide everything from a single engineer with a boom mic for interviews, all the way to the entire production crew and the insurance they’ll need to safely and legally complete any video shoot.

Mobile Studio

Where do you want to make your record? Nick has long been a strong supporter of recording in the artist’s most sublime environment. Or the most inexpensive. To this end Soniferous Studios includes many mobile recording solutions including entire mobile studios with 48 channel recorders, full mobile Pro Tools, monitoring, racks and racks of vintage and modern microphone preamplifiers, crates of the most sought-after microphones, even acoustic treatment to quickly turn anything from a living room to a church into a professional studio.