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Classic Compressors

Nick has been building replicas of classic compressors – the recording legends, the 1176s, the LA2A, LA3A, and Fairchild compressors. Currently he has his 1176 designs available for sale with a variety of options – revision types, various output transformers

Pro Audio Designs

Nick in conjunction with Soniferous Studios and various design partners, has produced a variety of highly useful designs that solve a number of common problems both in the studio and live. Currently these prototypes are only used on Nick’s exclusive productions. Large scale manufacturing of these designs will likely begin once Soniferous finds the right manufacturing and marketing partners.

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Nick Tipp is a recording engineer, mixer, and audio/video producer in Los Angeles. He specializes in live recording, concerts, both acoustic and amplified, as well as live tracking in studio.

With over 15 years of experience recording bands, ensembles and artists in an incredibly varied array of spaces, Nick seeks to create unique and inspiring recording environments - both physical and sonic. Phenomenal headphone mixes for studio recording are paramount to achieving the greatest possible inspiration for musicians.