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On-Set, Post, Scoring, Mixing

Film Collage


Do you need sound for your shoot? Do you need a sound producer? Nick Tipp provides sound for films, both in studios and on location: Production Sound Mixer, Boom Operators, On-Set Playback, Coaching for musical performers



Sound Post Supervision, Dialogue editing/mixing, Sound Design, Foley recording/mixing, ADR



Score Recording, Orchestra Contracting, Score Mixing



Nick Tipp has done Score recording and mixing for major motion pictures, as well as sound design, dialogue mixing, music mixing, and dub mixing (re-recording) for independent films, commercials, and shorts.


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Nick Tipp is a recording engineer, mixer, and audio/video producer in Los Angeles. He specializes in live recording, concerts, both acoustic and amplified, as well as live tracking in studio.

With over 15 years of experience recording bands, ensembles and artists in an incredibly varied array of spaces, Nick seeks to create unique and inspiring recording environments - both physical and sonic. Phenomenal headphone mixes for studio recording are paramount to achieving the greatest possible inspiration for musicians.