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Acoustic Concert Recording

From small chamber ensembles to full orchestra, with choir, symphonic band, to mixed acoustic and electronic ensembles; all concert performances have a particular character that can be captured using acoustic recording techniques. Also full multi-track capability is possible to completely, and realistically, change the acoustic presentation of a recorded concert.

Classical Album

What do you want your performances to sound like? Using film-scoring and pop recording techniques in conjunction with established classical and acoustic ensemble engineering, the possibilities are endless. Nick Tipp seeks to have a recording’s sonics reflect the moods and colors of the music and the performance, changing and fluctuating with each moment. His acoustic recordings can achieve this while still retaining the feel of a standard acoustic recording; or they can leave the realm of real-world acoustic possibility altogether.


Nick Tipp was the recording engineer for the LA Opera under Audio Producer Fred Vogler for two seasons. During his tenure as recording engineer the LA Opera released a double grammy winning DVD: The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny. Best Opera Recording 2009, Best Classical Album 2009. From large-scale productions to small regional theaters, Nick Tipp is capable of delivering the same quality recordings.

Audition Tapes

Classical instrumental, vocal, and Jazz instrumental and vocal audition tapes for college, festivals, and competitions. Wouldn’t you prefer to present yourself in the best possible fashion? Nick has extensive experience in invisible classical editing, and imperceptible tuning of recordings of acoustic instruments and voices.

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Nick Tipp is a recording engineer, mixer, and audio/video producer in Los Angeles. He specializes in live recording, concerts, both acoustic and amplified, as well as live tracking in studio.

With over 15 years of experience recording bands, ensembles and artists in an incredibly varied array of spaces, Nick seeks to create unique and inspiring recording environments - both physical and sonic. Phenomenal headphone mixes for studio recording are paramount to achieving the greatest possible inspiration for musicians.