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Live Broadcast: KCRW, deadmau5, Sonos

Continuing my relationship with Los Angeles radio station KCRW, working again with Jason Bentley for the Morning Becomes Eclectic show:


I recently had the pleasure of recording and broadcasting a secret deadmau5 performance. The event took place at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles. A great art gallery/event space run by the folks who make Sonos Wireless HiFi speakers.


For this event my good friend and collaborator, producer KamranV was able to garner a set of 7 foot tall $120,000 top-of-the-line PMC studio monitors for the main PA. Additionally deadmau5 himself was provided another array of smaller $60,000 PMC studio monitors for his own personal monitoring. Together with a $30,000 Maslec mastering console to control the PA system we had a sound system to beat any other dance performance in terms of fidelity.


Deadmau5 brought along his simplified “Cube” stage for his performance. I took a split from the Maslec console for the broadcast and used my favorite classical recording mics DPA 4006 along with a pair of Sennheiser MKH 8040s to capture the sound of the acoustic space and a pair of Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mics to capture the crowd response. You can hear I used these very fine microphones quite liberally in the mix:


For this recording we partnered with BAE Audio and used 8 channels of their gorgeous re-creations of the Neve 1081 mic pre/EQ module. Most of the equalizing was done on the Neve modules themselves, with only a tiny bit of additional mixing added in post. No reverb was added to this recording, only the raw feed from deadmau5 and the 6 ambience mics.


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Nick Tipp is a recording engineer, mixer, and audio/video producer in Los Angeles. He specializes in live recording, concerts, both acoustic and amplified, as well as live tracking in studio.

With over 15 years of experience recording bands, ensembles and artists in an incredibly varied array of spaces, Nick seeks to create unique and inspiring recording environments - both physical and sonic. Phenomenal headphone mixes for studio recording are paramount to achieving the greatest possible inspiration for musicians.